p2 Ondemand

Remove the guess work…
Fitness experts in the palm of your hand.

Tired of bouncing from program to program with the same mediocre results? As sleek and cost-efficient as AI but with a human touch, P2OnDemand bottles the power of having a coach and a wide array of features into a streamlined, turn-key app that will provide users with all the tools and support they need to be successful on their fitness journey

Why p2 ondemand

Experience the advantages of working with p2 ondemand

budget friendly

Affordability - Good help is hard to find … and afford, but budgets shouldn’t stop anyone from being able to access quality health and fitness guidance

no guessing

A ton of overwhelm is found in the overload of information available. P2OD and its user resources funnel all that information into accessible, ready to integrate, programs and content!


Progressive Performance was built on “TEAM.” P2OD will bring the same community feel our 1-on-1 clients experience, to The App space. Users will have FREE dedicated Discord access for all training questions and technique review!

What's Inside

The P2 OnDemand Portal

Sleeve Splitting Upper

Lower Body Focus

Offszn Bikini 2

Hypertrophy King

Bikini Prep 1

Glute Growth

at your fingertips

The p2 ondemand app

Struggling to find proper fitness/health guidance in an oversaturated space

Dive into the world of limitless training and become your own coach, AT A FRACTION OF THE COST, with P2OnDemand!

With the tandem of our intuitive App interface and our Portal filled with a meticulously curated menu of programs, designed to fit your specific needs, reaching your fitness and health goals has never been easier.


Real results from people just like you


What is P2 On-Demand?

P2 OnDemand is a turn-key service filled with expert influence and guidance. In tandem, The P2 Portal and The P2 App put the tools in the hands of every user to coach themselves WITH the support of the entire P2 Team

Use our custom filter to sort the programs according to what you’re looking for. Just select by “Sex”, “Client Type”, “Training Level”, and “Frequency” and then look through the programs that fall within your chosen parameters. Feel free to click and read the associated info for the programs until you find the right one for you!

As often as you like!

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